Planit were engaged by Northern Water Solutions to undertake the water, recycled water and pressure sewer servicing infrastructure assessment and design for a proposed Private water utility for a 5,500-lot residential development.

A detailed assessment of the water and sewer servicing strategy was required for the entire development to support the application through IPART for the creation of a private water utility to service the development.

The works required included preparation of concept feasibility assessment, preparation of a Water Balance report for the entire development, servicing masterplans for water, recycled water and sewerage, and design of a waste water treatment plant to produce Class A+ recycled water for reuse within the development.

Hydraulic and Net Present Value Assessments were prepared to compare the proposed water and recycled water supply systems between a gravity fed and booster pump supply system.

Hydraulic design of a pressure sewer system was required for the entire development as traditional gravity sewer was not viable due to high groundwater and environmental constraints.


Cobaki, Tweed Shire


March 2016 - November 2016




- Water Balance Assessment
- Water & Sewer Servicing
- Water Supply Options
- Hydraulic Design
- Masterplan Design
- NPV Report
- Engineering Report
- Detailed Design of System
- Design of WWTP
- Preparation of IPART