Planit won a competitive tender to provide the full scope of urban, regional and environmental planning services in relation to the first major land release in Byron Bay in over 40 years.

The West Byron Urban Release Area (WBURA) is a State lead initiative to provide additional land for residential housing stock for the township of Byron Bay. The subdivision application is the first within the WBURA and as such has lead the charge in progressing it as a viable urban release area, forcing council to proceed with necessary controls and measures such as improved access arrangements, and provision of a DCP for the remainder of the WBURA. The application was lodged in lieu of a DCP as council failed to adopt a DCP after a considerable period of time.

The proposed development seeks to provide a subdivision with dwelling density of 330-340 dwellings, and addresses environmental matters by not encroaching or traversing upon E2 Environmental Conservation zoned land and with the provision of a Biobanking Statement to address matters of significance requiring offsets and rehabilitation and replanting works within.


Byron Bay


2016 - Current




- Site Investigations
- Town Planning
- Environmental Planning
- Urban Design
- Concept Engineering
- Earthworks Design
- Detailed Design