This project involved upgrading the intersection of Sunrise Blvd and Ewingsdale Road providing a round-a-bout and dual lane carriageway (and associated stormwater and services management) for connection with the future stages of the Ewingsdale Road upgrade project and existing road network.

An ecological assessment was conducted by Planit’s ecologists which involved vegetation assessment of the study area (including threatened flora searches and identifying Endangered Ecological Communities) and fauna assessment utilising techniques such as spotlighting, amplified call playback, Anabat microbat survey and Koala SAT survey.

Following the onsite ecological assessment, avoidance, mitigation and management measures were implemented. This involved avoiding impacts to areas considered to represent high ecological values such as EECs and Koala habitat, compensating for the unavoidable vegetation loss through revegetation and weed management, and implementing management measures for the construction phase of the project (i.e. dust control, sediment and erosion control, vegetation management).


Byron Bay


September 2016 - October 2017




- Site Investigations
- Preparing REF
- Ecological Assessment
- Vegetation Management Plan
- Acid Sulfate Soil Management
- Construction Management