Environmental planning seeks to achieve the best possible use of land and the most desirable environmental, social and economic outcomes, while minimising impacts on the environment.

The term ‘Environmental Planning’ embraces a wide range of disciplines and skills. Born out of a long tradition of statutory and town planning, as well as natural resource management, it encompasses a range of social, economic, ecological and physical environment parameters. Planit has developed a reputation as an innovative, reliable provider of first-class professional advice in environmental management and sustainability solutions.

Specifically, Planit’s environmental planning services include:

  • Accredited biodiversity assessment method (BAM) assessors
  • Local government plans of management
  • Local environmental studies & surveys
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Environmental management plans
  • Flora and fauna studies
  • Species conservation plans
  • Rehabilitation strategies
  • Revegetation works
  • Vegetation management
  • Inspections, property vegetation management plans and property maps of assessable vegetation.
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